Need a Big Warehouse in Texas? How to Get What You Need in a Metal Building Solution

Major Texas Industries

Texas is the second-largest U.S. state in terms of both size and population. Only Alaska is larger in terms of land area, and only California has more people. Texas even established itself as its own country for the time span of 1835 to 1846. By any measure, Texas is big, and it has a large economy, too. Agriculture plays a significant role – the Lone Star State includes some 280,000 farms, the most of any state. Texas is the U.S. leader in cattle, goat, sheep, cotton, and cereal crop production. Oil and petroleum is big business, too. Approximately 1/3 of all known petroleum supply in the U.S. is located in Texas. The manufacturing industry has grown in Texas, as well. Some of the most innovative manufacturing companies in the world are operating in Texas, including Texas Instruments, Samsung, Toyota, General Motors, Caterpillar, Tesla, Apple, Caterpillar, NXP Semiconductor, and Tyson Foods. As a result, Texas has gained the unofficial title of Manufacturing Capital of the Nation.

Big Business in TX Calls for Big TX Metal Buildings!

They say that everything’s bigger in Texas. And a big state with booming businesses generates some pretty significant demand for metal buildings, too. For commercial-scale or industrial-scale applications in the Lone Star State, the bigger the building, the better. A clear span building from Metal Garage Central could be your perfect solution!

Clear Span Metal Buildings Make Perfect Warehouses

If you need a large building which offers plenty of clear span space, then you should definitely take a closer look at having your own metal warehouse installed. If you’re not familiar with the term “clear span,” it simply refers to the amount of distance between interior building supports. And since a custom metal building framed with tough steel tubing can be engineered without any needed internal posts or columns, a metal warehouse offers 100% completely usable clear-span space!

30x51 Hemp Production Facility

Planning for Your TX Metal Warehouse

One benefit of choosing to partner with Metal Garage Central to provide your Texas steel warehouse is that you can design your perfect building any way you want! You choose the building style and dimensions you want, and then you can decide everything from steel gauge options, to door types & locations, colors, optional windows, and more.

• Building Dimensions

How big do you want your metal building to be? Whether you need 1000 square feet, 5000 square feet, or more, we can make it happen for you. Decide exactly how you plan to use your building and what functions it needs to serve, and we can help you to plan it from there. We can build to suit essentially whatever width, length, and height dimensions you may have in mind.

• Steel Gauges

14-gauge is the common framing standard for many steel buildings, but we can also provide a thicker 12-gauge frame for your clear-span building if that’s what your needs dictate. You also have options to choose from when it comes to roofing and side paneling metal gauges.

• Door & Window Options

You choose what type of access points you want, and where you’d like to place them. We offer roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, and open frame-out options. Want to add some windows for natural lighting and ventilation? You can!

• Colors

A large steel building doesn’t have to look like some boring metal box. You can customize the look of the roof, sides, and trim, and can choose from a full palette of attractive colors, including two-tone wainscot.

• Certification for Wind & Snow Loads

Metal building certification is required in many areas, and we can provide you with a metal warehouse that’s built to meet any local wind or snow load regulations.

• More Ways to Customize, Too!

How Can You Use a Large Metal Building in Texas?

To put it simply – any way you want! Here are a few ways we’ve seen our customers make use of their custom steel building from Metal Garage Central:

  • Shelter for agricultural equipment including tractors, combines, and farm vehicles
  • General warehouse and workshop space
  • Dry storage for feed, seed, crops, and other supplies
  • Horse barns and hay barns
  • Livestock storage, breeding, and production
  • Commercial facilities for gas and oilfield operations
  • Office and administrative space
  • Temporary or permanent lodging quarters for work crews
  • Barndominiums and other custom metal home designs

Trust Metal Garage Central for Your TX Metal Building Needs

What does a metal warehouse cost? That depends on key factors like the size of the building and which customizations you choose to include. Are you a DIYer who’s interested in putting up your metal building yourself? Choosing one of our metal building kits is one way you can save a little money on labor. But no matter what you need in terms of a rugged and reliable metal structure, Metal Garage Central has you covered in Texas.

We’re proud to partner with the best manufacturers serving Texas, and every building we provide is fabricated right here in the USA. Nobody beats our building design options, customization possibilities, or the high standards we set for customer service. We also stand behind every steel structure with a 20-year rust-through warranty on framing, a 10-year metal paneling warranty, and a 60-day workmanship warranty.

If you can dream it, we can help make it happen for you with a TX steel building solution! Give us a call at (980) 223-3072 today, and let us show you the Metal Garage Central difference!