Have you ever needed something that is just out of your financial ability? We understand how that feels here at Metal Garage Central and we don’t want any of our customers to have that feeling. So, we’ve made it our goal to help each customer find the structure of your dreams for a price that you not only can afford, but a price that will save you money in the long run. While we partner with several companies throughout the United States, our steel building financing option is one of the most popular.

Why Choose Metal Garage Central for Your Metal Building Financing?

There are several companies in the metal building industry to work with, but none of them offer the financing programs we do here at Metal Garage Central. Not only are they easy and hassle-free, but these programs allow you to get exactly what you need without making you do the work. A few of the main benefits to our metal building finance include the following –

  • Quick Approvals – After you’ve submitted your application, it could be just a matter of seconds or minutes before you hear back from the company. And because we partner with several financing companies, our application process is one of the quickest in the industry.
  • Stress-Free – After you’ve been approved for steel building finance, your chosen financing partner will handle everything! Once they have your personal and building information, you only have to worry about making your monthly payments.
  • No Hidden Fees – There are no hidden fees to worry about when it comes to our available payment plans. You simply have to make your monthly payments and leave the rest to the financing business. And you won’t have to worry about where your money goes either – we assure you that your money is going straight toward your building.
  • No Payoff Penalties – We understand how quickly a financial situation can change, so if you’re able to pay your loan off before the contract is up, we recommend it. Depending on the financial network you choose, there are no payment penalties; you can call for more information.

Meet Our Financial Partners

There are numerous financing networks that we partner with at Metal Garage Central, each with their own requirements and benefits. It’s because of our partnerships with them that we are able to offer such flexible, stress-free payment plans. Our current partners include Allegacy, GreenSky, and United Credit.

  • Allegacy – If you choose Allegacy’s payment plan, there is a minimum credit score requirement of 680 as well as your income to debt ratio. Depending on your credit score, building style, and the price of your unit, they offer loans up to $10,000. And unlike some of the other financial networks, Allegacy will finance your concrete as well.
  • GreenSky – With GreenSky Financing, you must have a minimum credit score of 640. They offer loans up to $55,000 through two excellent plans, including a 13.99% APR plan for 84 months and a 17.99%-26.99% APR plan for 12 months.
  • United Credit – As our newest financing partner, United Credit is another wonderful company to work with. They offer quick, easy plans throughout a wide service area; however, they do request you call to confirm if they service your location. They have more than 13 years in the financial industry, making them an excellent partner for you.

Applying for Financing Program

When you need to apply for metal building financing, it isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be. Once you’ve designed a structure and tailored it to fit your needs, you just have to apply for financing with the partner that can fulfill all your needs. If you meet all their qualifications, all you have to do is fill out their online form and wait for the approval (which can take a matter of seconds or minutes). Once you’ve been approved for the program, all that’s left is to set up your ideal plan and make your monthly payments.

Get the Metal Building of Your Dreams Today!

Here at Metal Garage Central, we want to make the process of getting your dream storage solution as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. And with our various financial partners, that is exactly what we’ve done. No matter what your current financial situation may look like, we want you to get the exact building you’ve always dreamt of having. So, whether you plan to pay for your structure outright, finance it, or rent-to-own, we guarantee you’ll get exactly what you need for a price you can afford. For more information regarding our prices and financial services, feel free to reach out to us at +1 980-321-9898.