Why Metal Buildings Make Good Sense for North Carolina Residents & Businesses

Life Is Good in North Cackalacky

Officially it’s known as The Old North State or The Tarheel State. But North Carolina residents have also affectionately referred to the state as North Cackalacky for generations. While the term can be traced all the way back to 1937, no one’s quite sure how it came about.

One hypothesis traces the nickname to the rhythmic “clanka lanka” chant heard in Southern a cappella gospel songs of the 1930s. Another hypothesis is that the term is an Americanization of “kakerlake,” the German word for cockroach. Still others think that cackalacky is a blend of Cherokee + Scottish words. But many scholars say it was likely created as a term to parody the ways of native rural North Carolinians. But regardless of where the term came from, it’s been wholeheartedly embraced by NC natives and NC enthusiasts alike. North Cackalacky is quirky, it’s fun to say, and it’s memorable. Honestly, North Carolina could be known for worse things than this distinctive nickname!

When you get right down to it, there’s a lot to like about living and working in NC. We’ve got the Blue Ridge mountains, foothills, piedmont, coastal plain, AND beautiful beaches and islands. In terms of beautiful geography, we really do have it all. In terms of weather, we enjoy all four seasons – warm in the summer, pleasant in the spring and fall, and not brutally cold in the winter.


A Metal Building Can Make Your Good North Carolina Life Even Better

We enjoy a great quality of life in NC, but even so, there are some things that can make your life even better. Take a metal building from Metal Garage Central, for example. Looking for a perfect building solution? Our metal carports, garages, barns, barndominiums, metal building homes, farm buildings, and commercial buildings deliver the reliable protection you need, and are all completely customizable. Our steel buildings are also stronger and more durable than wood construction, and can be put up much faster than any stick build, too.

36x26x12/9 Garage with Lean-To


What’s Better About a Steel Structure?

Pretty much everything you can think of! Buildings constructed with steel tubing, metal roofing, and metal paneling make good sense for lots of reasons. Light-gauge steel boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any construction material. It’s strong and dimensionally stable, while also proving to be more flexible under duress than other comparable materials. Here are some other key benefits of choosing metal buildings in North Carolina:


• Cost-Effectiveness

Curious about metal buildings prices? Well, let’s start there. You probably know that construction costs have gone up across the board, thanks in large part to materials supply chain impacts from COVID-19. But even so, steel tubing structures are some of the most cost-effective buildings around, and it can still be significantly cheaper to build with steel vs. building with wood, especially when you consider cost per square foot. Metal buildings also hold their value well over time as well as any stick build.


• Faster Install with Less labor

Another key advantage of choosing prefab metal buildings from Metal Garage Central is that our metal building components arrive to your site ready for installation. And since no measuring or cutting is required on site, construction of your building can be completed much faster, with much less labor as compared with a comparable stick build.


• Steel is Tougher and More Resistant

Wood is susceptible to moisture rot, mold, mildew, termites, and pests – but steel isn’t. Steel is also inherently non-combustible, so it provides better fire resistance, too. Steel structures are also better suited for handling wind loads, snow loads, lightning strikes, even earthquakes.


• Completely Customizable Buildings

Steel buildings don’t have to look like a boring metal box, either. You can finish your building to create any type of look you want! And as far as the internal floor plan goes, that’s completely up to you with a steel structure. You can divide up the clear span interior however you like, and you can choose essentially any building dimensions you prefer.


• Easy Maintenance

Wood buildings need regular treating, refinishing, and maintenance. But steel buildings don’t require frequent refinishing, and steel is a much easier material to keep clean. A steel building is truly one of the lowest-maintenance buildings you can choose!


• Better Energy Efficiency Potential

Since steel is a natural conductor, many folks assume that a metal building can’t be energy-efficient. Nothing could be further from the truth! A well-insulated metal building can actually be 40% more energy-efficient than a similar wood-framed building. How? A steel-framed structure actually offers more available space to be filled with insulation. And more insulation results in greater energy efficiency, lower heating & air bills, and better buffering of external noise pollution.


• Recyclable, Earth-Friendly Materials

Is reducing your ecological footprint important to you? Then it makes sense to choose steel for your building! Metal building components are manufactured with a minimum of 25% recycled content, and every steel building component is 100% recyclable. If you’re interested in going with an eco-friendly building, then steel is hard to beat as a building material.

30x41x10 Side Entry Garage


What About Certified Metal Buildings in NC?

Does your NC metal building need to be certified? Well…that depends. Certification simply means an engineer has designed your building to meet or exceed certain minimum wind and snow loads. Many local building codes do require certification, but a lot of it has to do with where you’re installing and how you intend to use your building. But a certified metal building makes good sense regardless. Choosing a certified NC metal building means your structure is built to a higher standard in terms of strength and resilience, meaning you’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind no matter what Mother Nature might throw your way.


Why Choose Metal Garage Central for Your NC Metal Building?

Whether you’re interested in a metal carport, metal garage, metal storage shed, metal barn, metal home, metal workshop, commercial metal building, agricultural metal building, or industrial metal building, Metal Garage Central has you covered in North Carolina. Our headquarters are here, we live here, we work here, and we understand what it means to do life as North Carolinians. We’re equipped to serve nearly all of the continental US, but we love providing buildings for our NC neighbors whenever we get the opportunity. If you’re interested in keeping it NC local, then just partner with us!


Metal Garage Central Delivers the Best North Carolina Metal Buildings!

If you’re located in NC and are ready to get the best prefab metal building solution for your residential, agricultural, or commercial application, the building specialists at Metal Garage Central are here to serve!

Looking for a custom metal building kit designed just for you, which you can then install yourself? We provide those for a discount, as well. Every metal structure we provide is made-to-order to suit your specific NC metal building needs. Got some questions? Ready to get your building order started? Connect with us online, or just give us a call today at  (980) 223-3072 for an even faster response. We’d love to show you the Metal Garage Central difference!