You have decided to purchase a metal garage for your property, so you begin researching steel garage kits to learn more about the types of metal garages for sale when it suddenly hits you:  You may need a permit and/or certification to erect a steel garage on your property.  Luckily, securing permits and certificates for metal garages is not usually too difficult, but it is an important undertaking if you want to be sure to avoid legal difficulties and harassment in the future.  The following information will help guide you through the process of properly attaining permits and certifications for your steel garage buildings.

Attaining Necessary Permits

The first thing you will want to do before installing any metal garage kits is contact your local government offices to find out if you will need to secure a permit or permits. The requirements vary depending on state and locality.  For example, all of Metal Garage Central’s steel garages require building permits in Florida, and each county in Florida has its own requirements.  On the other hand, some states and localities do not require any permits at all for metal garage buildings under a certain size.  Therefore, find out as soon as possible what you will need to do to legally proceed with your building plans.

If you do need a permit, complete the application process.  Usually the governmental agencies that will be processing your application assess a fee, and the fees generally vary from locality to locality.  Sometimes the authorities will require an “As Build” drawing that can be mailed to you by the engineer of the metal garage plans.  In other circumstances, the manufacturing company may be the party required to pull the permit, depending on local zoning ordinances.  Our people at Metal Garage Central are always willing to help you with this process if you should need some assistance.  After completing the application process, wait for approval before proceeding with the installation of your custom metal garage.  In the meantime, mark any underground utility lines to minimize the chance that any lines get damaged or people get hurt when it is time to install your metal structure.

Failing to get the proper permits can potentially lead to serious consequences over time.  Nosy neighbors may check to see if you have properly completed the paperwork to build your structure, thereby alerting the authorities of your activities and leading to an unwanted visit from a safety inspector.  You may indeed actually be compromising the safety of yourself and others if there are issues with the construction that are left unchecked, especially if you erected the structure yourself and have never assembled metal garage kits before.  You may be assessed fines and/or ordered to take down your building after the local authorities pay you a visit or learn of your violation, or you may find that you encounter building permit issues when you try to sell your property.  Follow the proper procedures to avoid all these hassles so that you can enjoy your new custom metal garage in peace.

Certification Information

In order to protect the public and ensure safety, some localities require that you certify all buildings you construct on your property.  This is particularly true in areas where high winds and heavy snows are prevalent.  A certified building, which is one that has been designed by an engineer, simply has ratings for bearing wind and snow.  In some states, all buildings must be inspected, but some states only require that occupied buildings be inspected before people can live or work inside.

At Metal Garage Central, we prepare and install metal garage buildings to meet certification standards, but you will need to prepare the place where it is to be constructed.  When preparing the foundation for your new metal garage or building, it is important to remember that the ground must be level.  If you are using concrete or asphalt, it is important that the area is poured wide enough to accommodate your new garage and the anchors.

No additional warranty is offered on our certified steel buildings.  The certification merely indicates that the structure is built to specifications and has been certified by a professional engineer for the purposes of satisfying local building requirements.  Please contact a Metal Garage Central customer service representative if you need to certify your metal garage because you will probably need blueprints for the engineer to review, and we can get a copy of the blueprints to you.

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