Boost Your Cow Comfort with Steel Dairy Barns in California

California Milk Production

Since its first commercial dairy in Marin County in the 1850s, California dairy has been big business. For decades, California has led the U.S. in dairy production. In 1993, it passed Wisconsin in milk production, and has since reigned supreme in the total output of milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, non-fat dry milk, and whey protein.

This thriving airy industry generates approximately $63 billion annually for California and supports over 440,000 jobs. Most of these jobs are tied to the family-owned farms, which make up 99% of the CA dairy business.


How to Keep Your Cow Happy

Every good dairy farmer knows that keeping your cow happy is the key to excellent milk production. A study by the Carnation Milk Company found that happy and contented cows produce far more milk than their unhappy coworkers. There are several ways to support your bovines and their mental health:


• Hormones

The levels of serotonin, the “happiness chemical”, in a cow are linked directly to the calcium in milk. Certain chemical stimulants can increase serotonin in cows.


• Friendliness

A 2013 study proved that a happy community atmosphere with other cows improved growth rate and fertility. Everyone produces better work when they’re happy!


• Proper Lighting & Ventilation

Exposure to natural light and fresh air are essential to the efficient production of milk. Cows rely on these healthy environmental stimuli to produce their best milk.


Boost Cattle Comfort with Steel Dairy Barns

Savvy dairy farmers know that the right steel barn makes all the difference to their cows. A well-engineered barn will promote bovine health with a secure, calm environment. Our prefabricated metal barns are built with non-toxic steel, which provides excellent interior air quality when compared with wood structures. A metal barn is easily insulated and energy-efficient. The pest-resistant steel makes for a comfortable, clean space. Clear span architecture allows maneuverability for your herd, and our custom designs prioritize ventilation and natural light. The benefits of steel dairy barns are guaranteed to boost morale among your cows!


Benefits of Metal Dairy Barn Construction



Steel barns are built 50% faster than stick-built competitors. Your time is money – buy steel!



Clearspan architecture makes it easy to move a herd throughout your barn. No interior pillars will be in our way!



Our steel nuts and bolts are the toughest available; you won’t find a tougher building than our metal dairy barn!



Never worry about wood rot again! Steel buildings are forecast to last for fifty years or more.



When you purchase a steel barn from us, you get the ultimate leak protection! We use sealing washers, self-drilling screws, die-formed ridge caps, and more to keep your barn secure and sealed!



Steel buildings enjoy lower premiums from insurance companies due to their durability and weather-resistant engineering. Hello, savings!



Those dusty rafters are always cluttered with bird nests – but not when you buy a steel barn! Our clear span truss design has no available rafters for birds to occupy.



Pests and mold, and mildew are all a thing of the past when you invest in a metal barn! Our galvanized steel is non-corrosive and built to last.



You won’t find your cows chewing through our 14-gauge stainless steel components!



Simple soap and water wash a galvanized panel in no time. Without wood rot or shingle repair to worry about, you’ll find that upkeep on a steel dairy barn is far easier than an old wood barn.



Customize your dairy barn to suit you and your cows! Extra windows, overhead doors, walkouts, and more are all available through our custom options!


Get Your Choice of Metal Barns from Metal Garage Central

It’s time to treat your cows to the best in the business! Metal Garage Central is committed to providing the best metal dairy barns! You won’t find more committed customer representatives or more loyal professionals anywhere. When you purchase a building from us, you’re getting more than a metal barn kit – you’re getting a team of engineers, certified experts, and devoted customer service representatives.

We care that you are happy – just as you care that your cows are happy! Call today at (980) 223-3072  and discover why Metal Garage Central is the best in the business!