Not only are our metal garages and metal garage kits affordable and maintenance-free, they also come with a variety of customization options so you can design a metal garage that you will love. Among our most popular custom options are doors and windows.

Garage Walk-in Door

Garage Doors

We have a variety of walk-in door options for you to choose from. You can have exterior walk-in doors added to any of our steel garages or steel garage kits for easy access to stored items. You can also have interior doors installed in doorways of interior garage sections. For example, if you are an auto mechanic or woodworker working from home, you may want to have a large area of your garage as a dedicated workshop while reserving a separate area for an office where you can meet with customers. You can easily add a door for quick access between your work area and office. We offer doors with or without windows, depending on your preference, so please let us know when you place your order which type of door you would prefer. All of our walk-in doors come in a white finish.
Many customers ask us if doors can be installed after the initial installation. The answer is yes, as long as your metal garage building was originally installed by us. So whether you are upgrading a carport to a garage or are modifying your existing garage, we can easily add interior or exterior walk-in doors right where you want them. While you can add on later, it is always more cost-effective to put doors in during the initial installation, so we recommend that option if it is within your budget.

Windows for Garages

Metal Garage Window (2)Whether you would like to have natural light in your garage for special projects, to save money on utilities, or to go green, we offer standard 30”x 30” windows for any of our metal garages for sale, which can be installed on any section of your steel garage to brighten things up. We also offer other window sizes that vary based on your location. Contact us to learn about custom window options in your area.

Have you purchased a metal building from us in past? We can also add windows to any metal garage buildings that we have previously installed.

If you have questions about adding walk-in doors or windows to any of our metal garage kits or custom metal garages, please get in touch with us. We can help you customize your new steel garage to your preferences and budget.