Turning Metal Building Kits Into Perfect Greenhouses

How a Greenhouse Works

Greenhouses absorb radiation from the sun through clear panels on the roof and the side walls, and the enclosed space traps heat inside. You’ve experienced the greenhouse effect any time you’ve ever opened a car door on a sunny day; the air temperature inside is always much warmer than what you feel outside. Using the same principle, greenhouse metal buildings are able to maintain a relatively warm, relatively constant interior temperature year-round. This opens up lots of possibilities for you, whether you’re a commercial grower of vegetables or flowers, or are simply a backyard farmer looking to maximize both space and productivity.

Reasons to Install Steel Building Kits as Greenhouses

Did you know that 90% of greenhouse farms in America are less than 0.2 acres in size? With the right building design and placement, ANYONE can become a greenhouse grower! Here are a few benefits of having your own personal greenhouse:

  • Extend your growing season

With a greenhouse, you can grow many crops weeks or months longer than usual. Year-round growing and harvesting cycles are even a possibility for certain plants and flowers, depending on your location and how much sunlight you typically receive.

  • Sheltered growing space

Greenhouses aren’t just useful in protecting from the cold; they can help buffer extreme heat waves, too. In addition, a steel-framed greenhouse also offers reliable protection from damaging wind, rain, hail, and snow.

  • Grow plants from beyond your climate zone

With a greenhouse, you can even grow tropical fruits, plants, and flowers that wouldn’t otherwise be possible in many areas. How cool is that?

  • Effective pest prevention

Got deer, birds, rabbits, or insects who like to wreak havoc in your garden? An enclosed metal building greenhouse can essentially eliminate all of those threats to your precious plants!

  • Grow your own food

Commercial farmers already know the value of greenhouses, but installing a greenhouse metal building kit on your own property gives you many of the same opportunities, just on a smaller scale. If you’d like to grow more of your own food, a greenhouse is one of the best ways to make it happen. Fewer trips to the grocery store will save your family on food and gas, and veggies you grow yourself without pesticides are healthier and just taste better.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Make Perfect Greenhouses

A custom-fabricated metal building really is a perfect building solution for creating your own greenhouse facility. Steel structures offer lots of advantages:

Rugged and durable – Light-gauge steel is the strongest construction material there is by weight, and it’s incredibly rugged and durable. A steel building can handle pretty much anything Mother Nature has to throw at it, and is engineered to withstand constant usage. Steel doesn’t warp or rot, and is basically impervious to mold, mildew, termites, and pests.

Flexible and adaptable – Thanks to the strength and versatility of steel framing, the design and customization options are practically limitless. You can maximize full use of the interior with no internal poles or supports required, and it’s easier to adapt or expand a steel building as your needs change and grow.

Faster installation lead times – Want to get your greenhouse sooner? Then you don’t have time to wait for a comparable stick build. Precision-fabricated steel structures come ready-to-install, and require less time and labor to put up. When you partner with Metal Garage Central to provide your custom greenhouse, your building lead time is only a matter of weeks.

Easy maintenance – Steel is a very low-maintenance material, and is also easier to clean than wood or other materials. You won’t have to worry about repainting or restaining with metal panels or clear panels, either.

Cost-effective construction – Did you know that It’s actually more cost-effective to build with light-gauge steel than it is with wood? It’s true, and the larger your building footprint, the more you can save by choosing steel for your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Metal Building Kits

Looking for a greenhouse metal building kit you can install yourself? Metal Garage Central provides those too. We can install your building at no extra charge in 46 states, but you can also choose to pick up your own building materials and install them yourself at a discount purchase price. Each metal greenhouse kit we provide comes with all the necessary building materials for installation. Got questions? Just get in touch with one of our building specialists.

Choose Metal Garage Central to Provide Your Perfect Greenhouse

We’re here to deliver the greenhouse building you need, and our building prices are lower than you may realize. You won’t find a better steel structure solution anywhere else!

We put you in the driver’s seat at Metal Garage Central – you get to decide the building design and dimensions you want, and then you can choose customizations, including steel gauge, colors for the roof, wall & trim, where to place access points and doors, and much more.

Our building experts are here to listen. We’ll take what you want to achieve with your metal greenhouse, and then advise you about all of your best options for getting what you want. Not sure about the best way to pay for it? We also offer options to help you meet your budget. We provide the best metal building financing and RTO solutions you’ll find anywhere.

Why wait any longer, when our team can help you get your perfect greenhouse started today! You can connect with us online, or to get started even faster simply pick up the phone and give us a call at (980) 223-3072 today.

We invite you to come experience the Metal Garage Central difference for yourself!