Turn Your Garage into a Personal Gym and Stay Fit at Home!

Garage Gym

It’s true that money can’t buy health; the reality is it’s going to take some work on your part. Physically active people are healthier and live longer than couch potatoes. Exercise has been shown to help with everything from cholesterol to diabetes to depression to cancer risk.

But then, you probably already know that exercise is important. You get it. It’s just that there are always a hundred excuses for you not to exercise… You had a hectic day at the office. You’re tired. It’s raining. Or it’s freezing cold outside. Any number of reasons could stop you from making it to the gym today. And many adults in the US continue to lead unhealthy lifestyles and suffer from hormonal imbalances.

What if you had your own gym at home that you could actually use? It’s easier than you may think. And the fun part is, you don’t have to drain your entire bank account to make it happen. All you have to do is to turn your existing garage into a gym!

“But I don’t have a garage,” you object.  Not a problem! Metal garages are easier than ever to buy and have installed, and there are several payment and financing options available. And, if you’re operating on a tight budget, we can guide you on how to turn your metal building into a hardcore gym with little financial investment:



Having a cushioned floor in your gym is a first important step. Strength training and other heavy equipment can crack or break your floor if unprotected. Simply cover your floor with rubber rolls or mats. It won’t cost you a fortune, and it’s great for yoga or cardio exercise as well.

Battle Ropes


Battle Ropes:

Battle ropes (aka heavy rope) is pretty inexpensive. But working with heavy rope will tone your muscles better than most any gym machine or tool.

Battle ropes are a high-intensity, whole-body workout that create both strength and endurance. It’s a great combination workout that gets your heart rate up and builds muscle simultaneously.

And as far as strength training goes, battle rope training is one of the most efficient exercise routines you can do. It works the muscles in your upper body, back, and glutes, and you can incorporate movements like jumps, lunges, and squats that work your legs, too.



Ever seen those monster truck tires in your gym? Ever tried to use them? They’re actually a great workout tool.  But while you’re hammering or flipping tires, ask yourself this question. Why am I paying that gym owner such a high monthly fee just to hammer and flip tires in his building, when I could be flipping tires in my OWN prefab metal building?

Tire exercises have many benefits to your body; they tone your muscles, and also increase your strength and stamina. You won’t get bored either, because there are countless variations of tire exercises you can do. And tire exercises involve almost every muscle of your body, with the option to focus on whatever area you want to target. A few examples include tire box jumps, triceps dips, decline push-ups, lateral jumps, toe touchups, step-ups, broad jumps over the tire, pop squats, tire flips, etc… you get the idea.

If you want to improve your stamina, strengthen your core, or work your legs, tire exercises or circuits are a great option!

Barbell and Dumbbell weight set

Barbell and Dumbbell weight set:

It’s hard to imagine a gym without a set of barbells and dumbbells, for good reason. They are great for toning your hands, triceps, chest, back and shoulder muscles, and they won’t break the bank either.  They’re much cheaper than complicated combination machines, and they’re still a standard for bodybuilders all over the world.



Kettlebells have become much more popular in recent years as they provide another strategy for building both strength and cardio at the same time.

Kettlebell handles are easy to grip, and a kettlebell workout is pretty much a full-body workout, involving muscles from head to toe.  Kettlebells focus mainly on your core, and they’re also helpful for improving your flexibility.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat:

Fitness isn’t just about sweating and pushing. It’s also about having a peace of mind, and yoga is a popular way to achieve this.

And yoga mats aren’t limited to just practicing yoga; you can do all sorts of floor exercises on yoga mats, including planks and ab workouts.

Punching Bag

Punching Bag:

Punching bags are relatively inexpensive, and they aren’t just for boxers.

Working with a punching bag is considered to be one of the best core exercises you can do. All you really need is a punching bag and the right glove equipment, and you can execute your fitness plan anytime day or night in the privacy of your own garage gym. Want to know what boxing can do for your body? Just check out Michael B. Jordan in the movie Creed

Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball:

A Swiss ball (aka gym ball) is a large ball made of vinyl or similar flexible material. Its inflatable property makes it ideal for core and back exercises. The benefits of using a Swiss ball with back pain patients have been documented.

You can use this exercise ball for a variety of purposes: you can find neutral spine position, learn proper posture, increase low back flexibility, strengthen abdominal and back muscles, improve balance, develop overall control and strength of core body muscles, learn to lift properly, and so on.

TRX Cable:

TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise – a revolutionary workout method which uses gravity and your body weight to build flexibility, coordination, balance, core strength, and joint stability.

Set up your TRX cable by easily anchoring at your door, ceiling or wherever. Surprisingly, this simple fitness tool has given incredible results to its users like building strength, weight loss, increasing stamina, and improving flexibility. It’s a great, inexpensive addition to your garage gym.

Marking Cones:

These cute little plastic cones cost next-to-nothing, but they’re a great tool for creating a proper cross fit exercise regimen, including running, jogging, knee lifts, and more. YouTube has many ideas of how you can use markup cones for a great workout.

Agility Ladder:

Make your metal garage gym a complete fitness center by adding an agility ladder to your collection. It’s an inexpensive piece of fitness equipment that you can use in high-intensity workouts like sideways shuffles, skipping through rungs, and other movements conducted up and down the ladder. These are used by pro athletes in their daily workouts, and now you can use one in the privacy of your own garage gym!

Get Started Today:

We’ve given you many ideas on how you can create your own personalized garage gym on a tight budget. But achieving that perfect body still requires a lot of discipline and commitment on your part. Having your own personal gym is a great way to remove many of your excuses not to exercise!

Free up some room and turn your garage into a hardcore personal gym. Don’t have a garage? Don’t worry, we can help with that! Give us a call at   and Metal Garage Central will provide you with the finest steel structure with easy payment and financing options, and it comes with fast delivery and installation!

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