Making the Smart Move by Choosing Rent-to-Own Metal Garages

If you’re like millions of Americans, you struggle to find the necessary storage room for your vehicles, equipment, and valuables. Unfortunately, there’s simply too much stuff and insufficient space to store it. So what does one do to declutter their environment and protect their most valuable assets?

Well, if you’ve thought about metal buildings, you certainly have the right answer. However, these buildings are an enormous investment, and if you’re already operating on a budget, finding the resources for such a structure can be incredibly difficult.

Financing is a great option to split up your building’s cost into flexible increments, but what do you do if you cannot qualify? For those with bad or no credit, Rent-to-Own (RTO) plans are a fantastic way to get a building without emptying your wallet.

The Benefits of Choosing Rent-to-Own Option

Believe it or not, RTO plans aren’t just for those that can’t afford a metal building outright. A flexible payment structure is great for those who want to pay for their facility with cash or want to plan their finances without being held down to a building contract. Below, we’ll dive deeper into the many advantages of choosing our RTO programs.

1. No Credit Checks

If you’ve ever made any large purchase, you already know credit checks can damage your credit score. But with no hard credit checks, you can apply for your metal building without worrying about ruining your scores!

2. Month-to-Month Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans allow you to take it one step at a time. With a month-to-month payment plan, you’ll be able to pay off your building without worrying about being held down to lengthy annual contracts.

3. No Payoff Penalties

Some metal building providers might charge fees for paying off your structure early. But why should you be penalized for making your final payments early? That’s right. You shouldn’t! With Metal Garage Central, you can pay off your structure on your own time, with no fees or penalties for early payoff!

4. Same Day Approval

You won’t have to wait for approval! A quick approval process gets your building completed that much faster!

5. Hassle-Free Processes

Why deal with hassles and headaches with other companies when you can choose a metal building manufacturer that ensures a quick, streamlined application process.

6. Abundance of Options

Choose how you want to pay and when you want to pay. Our flexible payment options make owning a metal building easy!

7. Quick Delivery

With some of the best lead times in the industry, you’ll get your building faster than with many competitors.

8. Easy Installation

Since installation is included, we’ll handle the hard work for you! All you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your new metal building come to life!

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How Our Rent-to-Own Program Works

Our RTO program eliminates much of the paperwork you’d encounter when purchasing a metal garage or building, ensuring a quick, stress-free way to get the metal building you need. So let’s take a deeper look at how you can get started with your own RTO application.

• Choose your building

Pick the preferred building style, size, and type for your needs. Change it, customize it, and make it your own!

• Apply for approval

Once you have the building you like, you’ll want to submit your RTO application. Most applicants will receive same-day approval.

• Down Payment

After designing a metal garage to your needs and receiving approval, you’ll need to pay your down payment with one of our building experts. If you have questions regarding down payment amounts, our building experts can help!

• Enjoy a Building with an Easy Payment Schedule

All that remains is to schedule installation crews; they’ll take it all from there!

We Also Offer Financing Option!

Living life on a budget can be quite a challenge! At Metal Garage Central, we understand purchasing a metal garage is an enormous undertaking that takes careful consideration, planning, and budgeting. That’s precisely why we’re so happy to offer some of the best financing options in the business. These plans allow you to enjoy and use a building without worrying about it tanking your finances.

We also work with an extensive network of financial partners that allow us to bring you such an easy-to-handle application and down payment process. With trusted partners like GreenSky, Allegacy, and more, our financing options are designed to be hassle-free, making the act of purchasing your structure a fun and enjoyable experience.

Metal Garage Central is Your Destination for Metal Garages of All Kinds

Whether you’re purchasing a small metal building or a massive commercial-grade metal garage, you can trust Metal Garage Central to bring you a wide selection of steel structures. These buildings are engineered for strength and longevity and to save money without sacrificing quality.

To that, we offer some of the best financing options on the market, and we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a steel building without worrying about their budget.

So, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a metal structure for your residential, commercial, or industrial needs, Metal Garage Central is the company to call. Give us a ring today at (980) 223-3072 and let our team of experts help you design your new premium metal building.