Why It’s Harder to Market a House Without a Garage

Garage Popularity Isn’t Going Away

While walkable neighborhoods and ride-sharing services have increased in demand in recent years, most Americans still own cars and need a place to park them. The average US household includes two vehicles, and the vast majority of homebuyers are still looking for a property that includes a 2-car or 3-car garage. Attached garages are frequently included with new construction plans, but detached garages can easily be installed on most existing properties as well.

Americans Still Want and Need Their Space

Of course, garages aren’t just for cars anymore, either. Because so many of us have more stuff than we can manage inside our residential space alone, garages are used as overflow storage space by many families. And especially since the pandemic, folks are also looking for flexible garage space that can be used for accommodating special hobbies, interests, recreation, or business pursuits. To that end, detached metal buildings make great remote workspaces, workshops, art studios, carpentry shops, man caves, she sheds, hobby huts, playrooms, and more.

Custom Metal Buildings Boost Property Value, Too

One recent university study revealed that having a garage increases a home property’s resale value by an average of 13% over properties that don’t have a garage. In some parts of the country, adding a garage can raise a home’s sale price by 20% or more. If you’re looking to add resale value to your real estate investment, installing the right metal building kits can be a very smart move. Even if your house and its location feature lots of other benefits, many buyers will simply avoid a listing that doesn’t include a garage.

Why Adding Steel Buildings is a Smart Investment

If you’re ready to add a 1-car garage, 2-car garage, 3-car garage, 4-car garage, or other custom detached garage building, a metal building for sale from Metal Garage Central is really the best way to go. What makes our pre-engineered steel structures a better choice for your new garage? Plenty.

The Strength of Steel

The unique properties of galvanized steel give a metal garage many advantages over a comparable stick-built garage. The steel we use in fabricating our custom metal garages and other buildings is strong, flexible, and long-lasting. Our steel structures are naturally more weather-resistant, moisture-resistant, pest-resistant, and fire-resistant. We can also certify our structures to meet any local building codes and minimum wind and snow load requirements.

Strict Quality Standards

Every building we provide is custom-designed and individually-fabricated to meet your specific needs. And each building component is precision-crafted, pre-measured, pre-welded, and tested for quality before it ever leaves the manufacturing facility. You simply won’t get the same measure of quality with other garage construction approaches.

Flexibility of Building Design

Want to customize your new garage to include some multipurpose functionality? You certainly can with one of our metal buildings. The steel tube framing is designed to support the full weight of your roof and building, without any need for interior columns or supports. That means you have a clear-span interior you can choose to utilize any way you like.

Flexibility of Building Foundation, Too

You can install your metal garage on a poured concrete or asphalt pad if that’s what you prefer, but you aren’t limited to that. We can provide specialty anchors to secure your new metal building on most any type of level foundation, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, and even hard level ground. Just let us know which type of building site you have in mind, and we can work with you to make it happen.

Goes Up More Quickly

How soon would you like to get your garage put up? Metal Garage Central can usually get your custom metal building fabricated, delivered, and installed in a matter of weeks. You’d have to wait much longer by choosing another type of garage construction. Interested in purchasing a custom metal building kit you can pick up and install yourself at a discount? We make that option available for you, as well.

Metal Garage Cost Advantages

Of course, when it comes to adding any type of structure to your property, we know that price matters to you. Here’s some good news. A tubular steel-framed garage is one of the most cost-effective buildings you can get. And the larger the garage you’re planning, the more you’ll save by choosing light-gauge steel as your primary construction material. You’ll also save in ongoing maintenance, since galvanized steel needs much less attention than wood or other materials.

Looking for the Right Detached Garage Addition? Metal Garage Central Has You Covered!

Metal Garage Central provides quality custom metal structures to meet any need. We’re also proud to deliver the best customer service and most positive customer experience you can expect to receive in the metal building industry.

We’re happy to deliver and install your metal garage or other custom metal building at no additional cost almost anywhere within the continental United States. And if you’re looking for other ways to save money, we can also provide a custom-made metal building kit you can install yourself for a discount.

Don’t have the full building purchase price in hand up front? Looking for some good financing or payment options? We’ve got the best financing and RTO plans in the business, thanks to our exclusive relationships with several preferred lenders.

Our friendly & knowledgeable building experts are here for you, and they’re standing by to help! Give us a call at (980) 223-307 today, and experience the Metal Garage Central difference!