The Most Economical Metal Building Sizes

Metal Buildings Are Ideal Construction Solutions

While wood-framed buildings have been around much longer, that certainly doesn’t make them better. There are clear performance advantages that come with opting for a custom steel structure, and metal building prices are also much more affordable than you may realize. Let’s look closer at some of the benefits of choosing a new metal building for sale.

Performance Advantages of Steel

For starters, light-gauge steel has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other common building material. It’s also flexible enough to be cold-formed into steel tube framing, metal roofing, side paneling, trim, and other metal building components that can be engineered for almost any needed building design. Steel buildings are tough, too. They can be certified to meet any minimum local wind or snow load requirements, and galvanized steel is also more weather-resistant, moisture-resistant, pest-resistant, and fire-resistant than wood.

Economic Advantages of Metal Buildings

While no modern construction can be considered “cheap,” the fact of the matter is that a steel tube-framed design is one of the most cost-effective building approaches there is. In many cases, a metal building can be cheaper to build than a wood-framed structure, and metal buildings also go up much faster, with much less required labor. Steel structures are built to last too, and are cheaper to maintain than stick builds over time. You won’t have any issues with termites or moisture rot, and frequent repainting or staining isn’t required. Cleaning a metal building is easier, too. Simply hose it off or pressure wash it inside and out, let it air dry, and you’re done!

Looking to finish out your new structure? Steel construction can save you on your energy bills, too. A well-insulated metal building can be up to 40% more energy-efficient than a comparable stick build. How? Steel framing is compact, and offers more cavity space for filling with insulation. That equates to lower heating & air costs, and also helps to prevent exterior noise pollution from entering your finished space.

And here’s one more economic advantage. Because steel construction is so sturdy and resistant to natural threats, your property insurance premium can be lower than if you were to choose a comparable stick build.

Popular Sizes of Metal Buildings

What are the most economical metal building sizes? That’s almost the wrong question to ask, because ALL metal buildings provided by Metal Garage Central are designed to be rugged, long-lasting, economical, and affordable! The price of a metal building is really determined by the size dimensions, any customizations you want to add, your installation location, and any required certifications. But generally speaking, the larger your building footprint, the more cost-effective a custom steel structure can be.

A few of our most popular building size dimensions include the following:

  • 12’x26’

Great size for a single-car garage or carport. And with 26 feet of building length, you’ll have a little space left over for putting in a workbench, storing tools, etc.

  • 20’x21’

Works well as a double garage or carport for sheltering two vehicles. We’ve sold quite a few of these at Metal Garage Central!

  • 24’x26’

This is a more ideal size for a 2-car garage, because it gives you more wiggle room for navigating around your vehicles, and does more to prevent any unwanted banging of car doors.

  • 26’x36’

This garage is wide enough to house two vehicles and allow for extra buffer space in between. And it’s long enough to add in extra storage space for lawn & garden equipment, tools, and/or recreational equipment.

  • 30’x30’

A 30×30 unit makes for a nice double garage, or a single-bay garage with added storage section, workshop space, office space, or whatever you need.

  • 30’x40’

A 30×40 building can be used as a triple garage for housing three vehicles, a two-car garage with separate designated storage space, or a headquarters for your new home business.

  • 40’x40’

Our 40×40 buildings are popular for use as commercial garages and farm buildings. You can also customize the building height to allow clearance for RVs, buses, tractors, or other high-profile vehicles.

  • 40’x50’

What can you do with a 40×50 metal building? Basically, anything you want! You could use it as a garage, barn, warehouse, or production facility. You can even turn it into your own custom, 2000-square-foot barndominium!

Metal Building Installation

Concerned about how to get your new metal building delivered and installed? We’ve got you covered. Metal Garage Central includes professional metal building delivery and installation with purchase, anywhere inside our 46-state service area for no additional charge! How’s that for service? Or if you prefer, you can also choose a custom-manufactured metal building kit you can pick up and install yourself. Our kits come with pre-welded, pre-measured, and pre-cut building components, including all the fasteners and anchors you’ll need. Got questions? Just give one of our friendly building experts a call.

Get Your Perfect Metal Building Solution from Metal Garage Central

The best metal buildings come from Metal Garage Central, period. Sure we do metal garages, but we also provide everything from metal carports, to metal barns, storage sheds, RV covers, workshops, warehouses, agricultural buildings, commercial buildings, and barndominium shells. If you can think of it, we can build it! We also pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service, providing shorter lead times, and offering several great preferred financing and RTO payment plans.

Why wait any longer? If it’s an affordable, economical, and fully customizable metal building you need, there’s no better partner than Metal Garage Central. You can reach out to us online, or connect even faster by picking up the phone and giving us a call today at (980) 223-3072.

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