Metal Storage Sheds – Solving Storage Problems All Across America

The metal building industry has flourished in recent years with significant innovations in metal storage shed construction. Metal has many advantageous features as a construction material, including being long-lasting, durable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

That is the reason why wood-frame (a.k.a. stick-built) buildings have become a thing of the past, while prefab metal buildings have rapidly replaced them. It’s not surprising to see why, since a metal building will actually help to save you money in the long run. More and more Americans are choosing to use these multipurpose steel buildings for storage, tool shops, and even playhouses.

Benefits of choosing metal storage sheds

It’s true that the initial cost of steel may be higher than that of some other building materials. But it’s important to recognize steel buildings for what they are, an investment.  Steel buildings are more durable, are easier to repair and renovate, and help to lower your insurance premiums. To understand more about why metal buildings are an economical storage alternative, consider these facts:

  • Maintenance-free: What are the costliest causes of structural damage in America? You’re likely to assume the worst damage comes from natural disasters like storms, floods, or fires – and you’d be wrong. As it turns out, termites damage more homes than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined!

And what is the food source that attracts termites?  That’s right, wood.  This is why wooden sheds require regular inspection and treatment at least once every couple of years, which can be costly over time.  And termites don’t just limit themselves to wood, either.  They will actually eat anything containing cellulose, including drywall, wallpaper, and even carpet backing!

With a metal building, you don’t have to worry about those hassles. Building your storage shed with steel and metal components is an intelligent and eco-friendly way to protect your investment and mitigate the amount of damage termites are able to cause to your property.

  • Comes in modern designs: Today’s metal storage sheds have evolved from boring, boxy buildings into aesthetically-pleasing structures which better blend into the office complexes, residential communities, and retail complexes surrounding them.

And dealers like Metal Garage Central provide options that enable you to customize your metal storage sheds with a variety of high-performance coatings, colors, reveal joints, and corrugated sheets with assorted patterns.

  • Unmatched durability: Whether you have gardening tools you need to store, own a collection of vehicles, or whatever other interests you may have, you’ll love having a metal storage shed that can be used to house almost anything. These metal sheds are designed to provide a sturdy shelter from the elements and won’t suffer from rot, offering dependable year-round storage to keep all your items dry and safe.

Another nice feature of metal’s durability is that it enables manufacturers and vendors to provide buyers with very long warranties. For example, Metal Garage Central – America’s largest volume dealer of metal storage sheds – provides a 10-year panel warranty as well as a 20-year frame rust-through warranty on their metal structures.

  • More affordable for the budget-conscious: Metal storage sheds are actually cheaper than their wooden counterparts. Since budget is always a consideration in today’s economy, it’s nice to know you can get more metal storage building for your dollar versus the price of a comparable timber shed. That’s another reason why outdoor metal units are among the most sought-after storage options in the U.S.A!
  • Fire hazard-free: One thing you should consider when choosing a storage shed is what potential fire hazard it presents to your household; metal is by its nature fire-resistant.

Other building materials are prone to burn down or melt down if exposed to fire at even low temperatures. But with metal buildings, you can rest assured that whatever items you have in storage will remain safe from fire (as well as from the other elements, termites, etc.)

  • Foundation not required: Another cost-cutting benefit that these metal storage sheds provide is the fact that they don’t need a foundation in most cases. For real!

Metal sheds can be installed on any flat, level surface; all you need to do is find a flat patch of ground and ensure that it’s leveled-up. Some of the really large-dimension sheds might need a basic foundation, but even in this instance it isn’t as difficult to engineer as that required for other types of buildings.

Why should you consider this factor? Foundations are expensive to setup and build, requiring a lot of time and labor.  If your metal storage building doesn’t require a foundation, that’s money back in your pocket.

  • Provides better security: In terms of security, these steel storage sheds give better protection against thieves than other building options. Quality metal sheds can be built with steel doors and reinforced windows (among other options) to help keep intruders out.
  • Easy makeover: Metal sheds can now be painted in whatever color you like, making them easier to customize and renovate. For example, you can choose from a variety of color scheme options with the online estimator tool at the Metal Garage Central site.

It’s also nice to note that paint coatings on metal are much more resilient than those of other building materials.  Wood buildings require treating and repainting much more frequently than metal varieties.

As you can see, metal storage sheds beat their counterparts in practically every category.  If quality, durability, safety, security, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance matter to you, then you need look no further than a steel building!