Knowing What’s Best for You: Open Web Truss Buildings vs. Rigid Frame Buildings

What’s an Open Web Truss Metal Building?

If you are looking for a metal building that’s perfect for a business or large-scale operation, an Open Web Truss metal building might be the right choice for you. These metal building kits deviate from the standard style because their roofs are supported by trusses—an interconnected web of steel triangles—not beams. These structures ensure that the weight is evenly distributed, giving it the ability to support more weight than a traditional roof beam.

Open Web Truss metal buildings are unique in that they are more economical than other similar metal building kits. This is because the open web truss design offers excellent strength while using few materials. The trusses themselves are lightweight; they use durable steel fashioned into triangles—a naturally durable shape that increases the weight it can bear.

However, that is not the only reason they are some of the most economical metal building solutions! Their lightweight design not only decreases the number of materials needed to construct them, but it decreases the heavy equipment needed for installing them. This saves you money on purchasing, renting, or maintaining heavy equipment.


What’s a Rigid Frame Metal Building?

Rigid Frame metal buildings are similar in design and strength to the Open Web Truss metal building. However, these metal building kits can be built significantly larger than truss-styled metal buildings. This makes them a fantastic option for commercial, industrial, and retail applications.

The rigid frame design is perfect for business owners because it allows for more open space without support posts getting in the way. This is usually referred to as clear-span space. Clear-span prefab metal buildings are ideal for business use and manufacturing because they give you the most open, usable space per square foot. This means that you would have more space to store equipment, display merchandise, or perform your services.

So, what industries most commonly use Rigid Frame metal buildings? The answer is more than you think. Agricultural industries love these metal building kits because they offer tons of space to store large vehicles like combine harvesters and equipment for dairy facilities. Commercial sectors are equally enthusiastic about these clear-span metal buildings. They give the businesses room to transport supplies in and out of the structure, store their products, produce new products, and distribute them all in one place.


Looking at Differences Between the Two Building Types

While these metal buildings are remarkably similar, there are some key differences to point out. These differences can be found in the use for each metal building, its style, the buildings’ sizes, their locations, the way they interact with the weather, and even budget constraints.

1. The use of the building

We have already mentioned some of the ways these metal building styles are commonly used. For one, Rigid Frame buildings can be constructed into structures larger than Open Web Truss metal buildings, making them better suited for manufacturing plants and warehouses. Open Web Truss buildings, on the other hand, would make fantastic barns, garages, and workshops.

2. Size of the project

Rigid Frame metal building kits can be more than 300’ wide, while Open Web Truss metal buildings are typically only made up to 250′ to 300′ wide. These metal building types can produce immense structures, but the Rigid Frame metal building is still the best option for your largest projects.

3. Location of the building

Due to their size possibilities, you must have a firm idea of where you will install your metal building. The locations of an open web truss building and a rigid frame metal building will be different due to their limitations and different uses. Rigid frame metal buildings are more commonly found in industrial areas or rural agricultural areas. However, Open Web Truss metal buildings can be found in a wide variety of industrial, agricultural, and residential areas.

4. Weather conditions

Both of these metal buildings are made of incredibly strong steel. This steel is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions of all kinds. You can expect your metal building to stand up against high winds, heavy snowfall, torrential rain, raging fires, falling debris, low magnitude earthquakes, and even some hurricanes.

5. Budget

While these two metal buildings can have similar price tags, the Rigid Frame metal buildings are usually the most expensive out of the two. This is because they use solid steel that relies on thickness for strength. However, the Open Web Truss metal buildings use a unique shape to make a smaller amount of steel equally as strong. Using fewer materials means lower prices.


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