Clear-Span vs. Multi-Span – Which Building Design is Better?

Clear-Span Buildings

If you’re not familiar with the term, “clear span” is an architectural designation used to describe the distance between the inside surfaces of any present span supports. While traditional stick-frame buildings tend to require more internal supports and load-bearing walls to support the roof and infrastructure, metal structures are designed differently. By leveraging light-gauge steel tubing frame and truss systems, metal buildings can be constructed without any need for interior posts or columns.

Need a wide interior space that isn’t broken up by internal supports or load-bearing walls? Metal Garage Central provides center-peak vertical roof structures as wide as 70’. These clear-span metal buildings offer lots of flexibility in terms of door and window placement, and they’re fully customizable in many other ways as well.

Plus, the strength of steel tube framing allows for higher ceilings and more usable interior space than you’d get with a comparable stick build.

Multi-Span Buildings

So then, what’s a multi-span building? Essentially, it’s a structure that’s made to encompass more than one “span” of interior space. For example, let’s say that a 70’-wide building simply isn’t large enough to accommodate your needs. With a multi-span design approach, lean-to additions can be added to either side of the central structure to expand the total width of the building to 150’, or more! As long as the central building’s sides are designed at a proper minimum height, a series of lean-to extensions can be added on either side to achieve whatever target building width you’re going for. The only caveat is that a series of internal supports will have to be added to support each additional “span” of a large commercial metal building designed in this manner.

Which Approach is Right for You?

It really comes down to how you intend to use your building, and how large it needs to be in order to meet your needs. In planning for your metal shop, you should factor in how much space you’ll need for accommodating specific vehicles, pieces of equipment, warehousing, manufacturing, farming, or whatever other applications you have in mind. With a large commercial metal building, the question really isn’t what can you do, it’s what CAN’T you do! The possibilities are pretty much limitless.

Some Popular Uses of Clear-Span and Multi-Span Buildings

Large commercial metal buildings are practical solutions for any setting, ranging from residential to commercial to agricultural to industrial. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve seen folks make use of these custom steel structures:

  • Gas and oilfield equipment buildings
  • Agricultural vehicle and equipment buildings
  • RV storage facilities
  • Covered parking for multi-family housing units
  • Commercial parking facilities
  • Storefronts with a combination of both retail space and production space
  • Restaurants and bakeries
  • Auto service centers
  • Manufacturing and distribution centers
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Permanent or temporary work crew housing shelters
  • Recreational and fitness facilities
  • Church worship centers and fellowship buildings
  • Barndominiums and metal building homes
  • And more!

Why Engineered Steel Structures Are Superior

Steel structures carry many advantages over stick-builds or structures made from other materials:

  • Durability– Steel buildings won’t rot like wood, and they stand up better to severe weather like high winds, heavy rains, accumulating snow, lightning, even earthquakes! Plus, the galvanized metal paneling is treated to prevent rust and prolong longevity.
  • Pest and Fire Resistance– Steel is impervious to termites and other pests, and doesn’t harbor mold or mildew growth. Steel is naturally more fire-resistant, too.
  • Fully Customizable– The versatility of steel framing and siding also provides for more complexity of architectural design, along with a higher percentage of clear-span interior space. And should your needs ever grow or change, it’s also easier to expand or adapt a metal building in the future.
  • Easier to Maintain– Metal is simpler to clean, and needs less maintenance than a comparable stick-built structure.  And since the colors are baked into the metal paneling, you won’t experience the same peeling or color fading issues either.
  • Cheaper to Insure– Thanks to the superior strength, durability, and fire resistance of steel, your insurance costs can also be reduced by choosing a steel building over other available options. That’s another cost benefit you receive whenever you partner with Metal Garage Central to provide your building!

Clear Span Building Prices

Our building prices at Metal Garage Central are among the most competitive in the industry. The final cost of your clear-span or multi-span building will ultimately depend on the dimensions of your structure, the gauge of framing (standard 14-GA or sturdier 12-GA, roofing and paneling gauges (standard 29-GA or sturdier 26-GA), additional customizations like lean-tos, windows, garage doors, and walk-in doors, and the particular certification and building permit requirements of your installation area.

For accurate, up-to-the-minute metal structure prices, look no further than Metal Garage Central! We always try to keep our website current, and you’re always welcome to connect with one of our friendly building specialists who can answer all your questions and get you the price you need. Oh, and if we didn’t mention, ALL of our steel structures INCLUDE delivery and installation with the quoted building price, unless you’re looking to install yourself!

Why Choose Metal Garage Central?

We understand that purchasing a steel building can be a significant investment on your part, so we work hard to make sure you’re getting the right product with the best service, at the most competitive price. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and Metal Garage Central has emerged as one of the nation’s premier online dealers of metal structures. Whenever you shop with us, you’ll find your experience to be as positive, pleasant, and painless as possible! 

If you’d prefer to do your shopping online, we’re happy to accommodate. But if you’d rather speak with a real human, we have a full team of friendly, knowledgeable building experts who are ready to help. Looking for some great financing and rent-to-own solutions? We’ve got those for you, too!

We invite you to come experience the Metal Garage Central difference for yourself. Just give us a call today at (980) 223-3072, and let’s get started!