Why Metal Barns are Perfect for Living and Working in California

Life in Cali

California is an amazing place to visit, with large cities, famous beaches, beautiful mountain vistas, and more National Parks than any other state in the nation. But lots of people live here, too – California has the largest population in the U.S. And Golden State residents know all too well that life in Cali includes having to face a fair share of natural threats. That being the case, it pays to choose a barn solution that’s truly resilient and durable. Many assume that wood is the framing material of choice for barns, but that’s honestly no longer the case, especially in California!


Cold-formed steel is amazingly durable, reliable, AND cost-effective, and it’s now being used to manufacture all sorts of versatile buildings for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications in CA. You’re probably aware that carports and garages are well-suited for metal, but light-gauge steel barns are also a perfect solution for the unique challenges of California geography and climate.


Agriculture and Industry in the Golden State

Agriculture is a big business in California, worth over $43 billion annually. In fact, California’s agricultural income exceeds that of every other state, and agriculture currently employs about one-tenth of the state’s entire labor force. Almost one-fourth of CA acreage is devoted to agriculture, producing flowers, artichokes, figs, pomegranates, kiwi, grapes, almonds, lettuce, oranges, lemons, and strawberries, among other crops. And commercial metal barns and farm buildings play an essential role in supporting the Golden State’s agriculture industry.


Technology also plays a vital role in California’s economy, including a thriving manufacturing sector. Electronics, computers, software development, and other tech enterprises can all be found in Silicon Valley. Enterprises like these rely on California metal buildings for retail space, manufacturing facilities, storage, and flexible office space, among other applications. Thanks to the modern design of clear span metal architecture, it’s easy to support and expand your business with a custom metal building. As your business grows, there’s a CA metal barn or CA metal building solution to help fuel your growth.


What Makes Steel a Better Construction Material in CA?

For starters, steel building components don’t warp, rot, crack, or chip. And unlike pole barns and stick builds, CA steel barns don’t require repainting or restaining, either. A CA steel building is engineered to be able to withstand constant usage, and it’s also better at enduring nature’s many threats in California, including rain, wind, snow, hail, and lightning.


Steel Barns Won’t Burn, Either

Is steel fireproof? In the sense that it isn’t naturally combustible, yes. Of course, it’s important to point out that a raging California wildfire poses threats that few manmade buildings can endure. At the same time, a metal barn stands a much better chance of keeping your valuables safe than other comparable structures. If you opt for a stick-build or pole-barn structure, just know that any wooden components WILL burst into flames in the face of a wildfire. And another benefit of choosing steel is that you won’t have the worries with termites, pests, mold, or mildew that you’d face with a wood-framed building.


What About Earthquake Threats?

Needless to say, earthquakes are a potential threat in many areas of the West Coast, and are a definite concern if you’re located in Southern California or anywhere along the San Andreas fault zone. But are steel buildings really earthquake-proof?


It’s probably fair to say that no building is completely earthquake-proof. But another decided benefit of choosing a metal barn or other metal-framed building is the fact that steel isn’t just durable, but is also more flexible than other building materials. What do we mean by flexible? Simply put, when steel is put under stress, it has the ability to flex and bend quite a bit before it will break. That means a steel building is much better suited for rolling with the punches of an earthquake. Once the aftershocks have passed, a steel building stands a much better chance of remaining structurally intact. You likely won’t be so lucky if you go with another framing material for your CA barn or other CA building.


Trust Metal Garage Central for All Your CA Metal Barn Needs!

Looking for a reliable steel structure provider in California? Metal Garage Central has you covered! We’re proud to serve the Golden State; in fact, we’ve been taking care of Californian homeowners, business owners, and farms for years! And here’s another nice feature of doing business with Metal Garage Central – we provide delivery and installation of your metal barn or other custom metal building at NO extra charge!


And speaking of metal building options, you’ve got plenty with Metal Garage Central. We can do everything from carports, to RV covers, to garages, to combination utility buildings, to small storage barns, to larger commercial barns, to barndominiums and metal building homes, to industrial building designs. If you need it in a California metal building solution, we can provide it!


None of our buildings come off of a shelf or out of a box, either; every structure we provide is custom made-to-order! Interested in installing your own custom metal building? We provide custom CA metal building kits you can take on as a DIY project, too. And if you choose to go the metal building kit route, you’ll also enjoy an additional discount on your building purchase price.


Need a metal building, but don’t have the available funds to pay for it outright? No problem. We’re not just here to help you get your perfect building, we’re also here to help you afford the building you need! Thanks to our exclusive relationships with preferred financial partners, we offer THE BEST financing and rent-to-own options in the metal buildings business!


Metal Garage Central is about more than just selling metal buildings; we’re really about providing shelter for your California way of life and business. You can connect with us on call today at (980) 223-3072! Experience the Metal Garage Central difference for yourself!