Buying a Metal Building in Texas

Buying a Metal Building in Texas? Don’t miss out on these important checks

Texas is a great state with wonderful people. In many places, the state has vast expanses of open land that support a comfortable western-style of living.  The weather can be a bit challenging at times, yet Texans are resilient people who know how to weather a storm. There are many terrific uses for metal and steel buildings for residential and commercial purposes that fit in with the Texans’ lifestyles and can handle the challenges of most inclement weather.

Learn more about why Texans frequently choose metal building construction for commercial operations, farming, ranching, carports, mobile home extensions, enclosed garages, workshops, buildings used for taking care of livestock and so many other places that make up the diverse Texas experience.

Here are some of the important considerations if you want to erect a steel-structure building somewhere in Texas:

Building Permits

If the building site is in a municipal area or on its outskirts, you will probably need to get official building permits. This means you will need to submit site plans, engineering drawings, and construction plans plus whatever other requirements the building department has for the issuance of a building permit.

In some unincorporated areas in the counties of Texas, far away from the jurisdiction of any municipalities, you may be able to avoid the need for a building permit completely. It is important to check for building permit requirements first, before considering any new building construction to avoid any unpleasant surprises from the building inspectors.

Site Preparation

“Flat land” does not mean that the land is level. For this reason, it is important to prepare the surface and the foundation on which the metal building can be installed without problems. Avoid the problems of improper site preparation or trying to use an unleveled site because the strength/robustness of the building will be compromised.

Roof Styles

There are many roof styles to choose from for metal or steel buildings in Texas.


Here are some of the popular choices:

  • Regular Style: Metal carports are usually made with a popular frame design. Installation of the panels is horizontal. The corrugated ridges in the panels are aligned to run either from the front to the back or from side to side in order to allow rain to easily flow off the roof. The regular style is the most economical design since it does not have a hat channel, a ridge cap, any eave-side trim, or the welded transition from the roof bow/truss to the leg.
  • A-Frame Style: A-frame style does not require a hat channel or caps on the ridges for vertical panel support. The roof bow/truss is connected to the legs using a pin that is welded in place.  A nice finished appearance is achieved by using boxed-trim on the underneath portions of the eaves to cover the bow of the roof and the truss.
  • Vertical Style: This style allows water and snow to flow off to the eave side of the building more easily. For this style, vertical installation of the panels creates its unique design. Welding is used to attach the roof bow that is connected to the truss and to the legs. This style has a vertical roof with trim on each side. Vertical panels are also used on the ends. The vertical panels connect to a hat channel for more structural stability.

Understanding the Importance of Dimensions

First time builders should begin the process with the exact dimensions of their building in mind. Prefab metal buildings are sold according to their width, length, and height. No two buildings are alike. There is not a store where you can go in, pick your steel building, strap it to your car, and take it home. Work with the design choices for a metal building of your preferred dimensions to achieve the best results.


Your metal building should be backed with all standard industry warranties like a one-year workmanship warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and a 20-year warranty against rust.


Texans are encouraged to contact us for a quote on a metal/steel building that is a perfect fit for your needs. We are ready to provide the metal building that you most desire and to make your building project a success with rapid construction, efficient design and useful/durable elements as part of our overall construction solution. We know Texans deserve the best and we are ready to provide this to all Texans who want the best well-constructed metal building that is available.