Building the Right Facility for Your Auto Repair Shop Success

Energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources continue to grow in terms of their importance where America’s social conscience is concerned. One result of this is that there are now more electric vehicles on the road than ever before. Even so, the number of EVs is still only a tiny percentage in comparison to the many millions of combustion-engine vehicles which continue to be bought, sold, and driven in the U.S. While we all want to be more energy-conscious, the vast majority of us are still operating automobiles that are primarily powered by more traditional gas- or diesel-powered engines, including hybrids.

And not only are we still using vehicles with combustion engines; we’re also driving them longer. The numbers suggest that Americans are now waiting longer between vehicle purchases and trades, in an effort to be more frugal with their transportation dollars. The result is that demand for automotive maintenance and other related services continues to be high. So, in other words, it’s really a great time to be in the auto repair industry!

Ready to Set Out on Your Own?

Maybe you’ve been working for someone else, and now you’re ready to blaze your own trail and start your own independent auto repair shop. But can you really compete with the dealerships and big auto service chains? Yes, you can, if you are willing to make personal connections with your customers and really take good care of them! Many consumers are actually a little leery of taking their precious ride to dealerships and large chains. If you’re willing to build a local business that’s built on providing quality services and earning trust, you can do very well, indeed. In fact, auto shop owners who manage a small team of mechanics have been known to earn $100k per year or more!

Startup Costs and Considerations

As the old saying goes, in order to make money, you have to spend some money. If you’re already a practicing mechanic, you probably already possess a fair supply of needed tools to help you get started. But there are other costs you’ll need to front in order to begin your own repair center business. Some non-negotiables include a hydraulic lift, diagnostic machine, and other specialty tools of the trade. And your biggest investment will almost certainly be the shop facility itself.

Sure, you could rent space from someone else, but paying rent that doesn’t build any equity can feel a whole lot like throwing your money away. If you plan to be in business for the long haul, one of the wisest investments you can make is in having your own steel building facility built on your own property. With some of the attractive financing options that are available these days, purchasing a facility really can be as cost-effective as renting one. Plus, you’ll be investing in something that is truly yours, and can also provide you with greater returns!

Why a Steel Building Makes Sense for Your Auto Shop

One of the real keys to getting your own automotive repair business or service center off the ground is having the right facility to make everything happen. And one of the most rugged, customizable, and cost-effective building strategies you can pursue is to choose a structure that’s framed and covered by light-gauge steel. What makes a steel building a better building for auto shops? Plenty!

  • Wide Open Spaces – How many bays do you want, and how much space will you need? With no needed interior columns or supports, steel buildings offer more usable interior space than those made with other materials. And a steel structure can be built to nearly any width you specify – 50’, 60’, 70’, 100’, even up to 300’!
  • Customizable Length & Height, Too – Not only do you get to decide the width of your building, but you also choose the length, too. Need a facility that’s tall enough to accommodate big rigs or other high-profile vehicles? Steel framing allows for that as well. In addition, it’s actually easier to expand or adapt a steel workshop in the future than it would be with a stick-build.
  • Points of Access – A well-designed auto repair garage should be built with several easy and convenient points of access. With a steel building, the number, type, size, and location of your garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, or other entry points are really up to you.
  • Won’t Burn, & Won’t Give In to Pests – Fire and pests are both real concerns for wooden buildings, but they are much less of an issue when you choose steel. While nothing is truly fireproof, since steel doesn’t burn it offers a much higher level of fire protection. Plus, pests aren’t attracted to steel, termites can’t eat it, and steel makes a poor host for mold or mildew.
  • Durable & Resistant – Steel is known to be strong and durable, and steel buildings are built to thrive and survive in essentially any climate. Steel won’t rot like wood, it stands up to constant use and can endure even some of the most extreme weather, including sun, wind, rain, snow, lightning, and even moderate earthquake activity.
  • Goes Up Fast – When you need to have a facility built for your business or residence, you don’t need it 6 months from now; you need it now! The custom fabrication process for steel buildings makes them much faster to assemble on site. Each component is precision-engineered and crafted to exact size measurements & specs in a dedicated manufacturing facility ahead of time. Once all the materials are delivered to the install site, most steel buildings can be put up in just a matter of a day or two!
  • Cost-Effective & Economical – Many just assume that steel will be a more expensive building material, but that’s really a false assumption! Depending on the dimensions and customizations you choose, a steel building can actually be cheaper per square foot. And beyond that, steel will save you money in long-term maintenance costs over wood or other materials. You won’t have to worry about regular repainting or refinishing either, since the exterior colors are infused into the metal during fabrication. Choosing a rugged steel structure can also help to lower your insurance costs, too!

Choose Metal Garage Central for Your Custom-Built Auto Repair Shop Facility

When it comes to launching your new auto service business, you really don’t want to take any unnecessary chances or risks. And there’s really no risk in choosing a strong, rugged, and dependable steel building from Metal Garage Central.

What kind of auto service facility are you looking to build? We can get you exactly what you need, plus we include delivery and installation across most of the continental United States at no additional cost! You can learn more about us by clicking around our website, or just go ahead and give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and let’s get the conversation started today! At Metal Garage Central, we’re here to help!