Why Using a Metal Building Kit for Your Business is a Great Idea

A metal building kit is the best purchase you can make as a commercial business owner. Why? Because metal buildings are more durable, more affordable, and more quickly constructed than the outdated stick-built methods. It’s that simple.

The cost of lumber has more than doubled in the past three years. Supply chain issues plague the construction business, and the infrastructure around an old business is crumbling. It’s time for a new approach to modern businesses. You need a building that is certified to withstand extreme weather and won’t require costly maintenance. You want a building that will flexibly accommodate your business growth and the evolution of your needs.

The fact is, when time is money, there’s no more brilliant business move than a metal building kit investment. Read on to discover more.


Metal Building Kits for Your Business is a Great Idea


  • Metal building kits are assembled on site. They require no heavy equipment and no large, expensive labor force to construct. They are incredibly cost-effective for small businesses!


  • Metal building kits are versatile and customized to benefit every business! They are prefabricated and delivered quickly, so that your business can get to work without delay. Why waste time and money waiting on an old school crew?


  • Metal building kits are easily expanded. When your business begins to grow, you may find that you need more space than you initially planned. With a metal building, securing more space is simple and affordable!


Which Businesses Will Benefit from a Metal Building Kit?

• Commercial Businesses

Are you tired of scouring the rental market for a building that fits your business needs? A metal building kit will be customized to your exact specifications, so your business can thrive! Whether you need extra access points, better utility access, or a wide-open interior space, metal building kits are a designer’s dream!


• Office Buildings

Your office feng shui will be perfected in a metal building kit; with the versatility of interior clear span space, you can change up your office as often as you want! As your team evolves and grows, go from cubicles to open flow, from conference to aisles, and back again! Whatever your business needs, your new metal building kit office building can accommodate!


• Retail Businesses

Your store won’t be the same season to season, and neither retail business building should be able to flex with your needs! Thanks to the clear span design of our metal building kits, you can move your aisles and create new consumer spaces without worrying about interior columns. Design and redesign at your leisure with our beautiful buildings!


• Industrial Business

When you need space, then you need the open design of a metal building kit! Our industrial designs will flexibly accommodate your business machinery, no matter how big or tall. You’ll have all the maneuvering space you need and a safe environment for you and your employees.


• Agricultural Business

Whether it’s energy-efficient crop storage, secure machinery storage, comfortable livestock stalls, or a wide arena for horse riding, our metal building kits can do it all! Our engineers can add extra doors or storage for your tack and feed. We can even build a luxury guest suite for your trainers to live on site!


What You Need to Know


• Evaluating Location

You know the old business saying: “Location, location, location!” When choosing the site of your metal building, research other area businesses, and potential traffic access. Consider potential competition, existing infrastructure, and future development plans. Also, consider the unique needs of your commercial enterprise, whether retail or industrial.


• Planning, Zoning, & Permitting

Your commercial building will be subject to all kinds of local zoning restrictions. Be sure you’ve done your homework! If your municipality has restrictions on material, color, or dimension, you’ll need to know that before you order your building. Then, you’ll want to customize your structure to accommodate utilities and technology, especially any unique requirements for your business.


• Budgeting and Financing

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail! When you set out to work in the commercial property world, you’ll want a strong, creative, organized approach to optimize the performance of your project. Experts recommend keeping a detailed list of expenses that will be incurred, from cement and equipment to wages and small incidentals. You should consider maintaining a 10% reserve for unforeseen expenses as well.


• Material Durability

When you choose a metal building, you’ve already made the best possible choice! Traditional wooden buildings last approximately twenty years before needing significant refurbishment, and are vulnerable to wood rot, termites, and other decomposition issues in the meantime. By purchasing a steel structure, you are investing in a fire-resistant, pest-resistant, mildew-resistant building that will enjoy lower insurance premiums because of its safety and durability! In fact, most metal buildings are forecast to last for fifty years or more.


• Foundation Choices

There are many choices available to metal building owners, but when you are a commercial building owner, zoning laws may limit your options. Speak to a soil engineer and your local building inspector before making any final decisions. You will have options such as cement, asphalt, and gravel to choose from, but depending on the weight and size of your building, you may need additional anchors.


Buy Your Building Today!

A metal building kit is the best investment for your business! You will save time, money, and long-term maintenance costs with the versatile steel structures provided by Metal Garage Central. Our design team is committed to your satisfaction, and we can’t wait to customize a building to meet your business needs. Call today at (980) 223-3072 and discover how our extraordinary customer service team will make your metal building buying experience a stress-free experience!