Why Metal Buildings Are Perfect for the California Flower Industry

The Flower Business is Big Business in California

Question: Which state leads the nation in both potted flowering plants and cut flowers production?

Answer: California!

Surprised? While it’s true that Florida is a floriculture leader in its own right, particularly when it comes to foliage plants and hanging baskets, FL can’t hold a candle to potted flower and cut flower production in CA. California commands around 70 percent of the U.S. cut flower market, and 60 percent of all U.S.-produced cut roses sold for Valentine’s Day come from Cali.

Whenever the U.S. commercial cut flower industry emerged during the late 19th century, California was well-poised to seize the opportunity. It really had all the necessary ingredients for launching a successful flower industry: knowledgeable growers, favorable soil, a wide variety of growing climates, and an expanding market demand. Floriculture continues to flourish in The Golden State to this day, and California now holds the unofficial title of being the “flower garden” of the United States.


Take Advantage of a CA Metal Farm Building or Greenhouse to Grow Your Floral Business

Are you a commercial grower of flowers? If flowering plants – or any other type of plants – are central to your profession, then owning a sturdy metal agricultural building can be of great benefit. Perhaps you’re someone who simply enjoys being able to grow your own plants, vegetables, and flowers? If so, having your own metal greenhouse is a solution which opens up lots of new gardening possibilities. Among other things, a metal greenhouse allows you to operate well beyond your “traditional” growing season.

Here are a few specific ways you can take advantage of owning your own metal farm building for commercial or personal use:


• Extended Growing Season

By purchasing and installing your own greenhouse, you’re able to grow flowers or other crops in almost any California season. How does the ability to enjoy essentially year-round harvesting sound?


• Protection from Weather Extremes

You probably already know that a greenhouse is great for sheltering your plants from the cold. But winter isn’t the only season where a greenhouse can be advantageous. Greenhouses can protect tender plants from summer heat extremes, as well. And a greenhouse framed with steel tubing is perfect for offering wind protection, as well as better fire protection.


• Ability to Grow Plants Outside of Your Normal “Climate Zone”

California enjoys a wide diversity of growing zones – but you don’t live in all of them. Thanks to the constant climate conditions a metal greenhouse structure can provide, however, you have a greater ability to grow whatever types of plants or flowers you like, even including some exotic plants!


• Avoid More Pest & Disease Threats

Do you live in an area where gardens and farms can be ravaged by pests like moths, fruit flies, Japanese beetles, or other threats? An enclosed greenhouse provides beneficial shelter from all sorts of harmful critters and diseases which can harm plants and flowers.


• Grow Your Own Food!

If you’re a commercial farmer, you can certainly visualize the possibilities that come with owning a greenhouse or two. But what if you’re simply a homeowner and private grower? Having your own greenhouse gives you the ability to get off the typical food supply chain grid, and actually grow more of your own food for you and your family.


• Crop Storage & Other Multipurpose Storage Possibilities

Whether you’re on the market for a greenhouse or not, there are many ways you can take advantage of a tough, durable metal building. You can use it to keep your crops in dry storage, protect your farm equipment, park your personal vehicles, and much more. There’s honestly not much you can’t do with a reliable metal structure.


Why a Steel Structure Really Makes Good Sense

A custom-made commercial metal building from Metal Garage Central makes a great solution for your California growing needs, for many reasons. Why choose steel? Consider the following:


• Rugged Durability

Steel is simply the strongest, toughest, commercially-available building material you can get. It’s perfect for withstanding most any threat from Mother Nature, and holds up to constant use much better than comparable stick builds. Steel isn’t susceptible to rot like wood either, and is more resilient against mold, mildew, termites, or other typical pests.


• More Expandable & Adaptable

Thanks to the strength and versatility of steel tubing, you’ve got more options for customization and design, and have the ability to truly maximize the use of your interior covered space. It’s also easier to adapt or expand a prefab metal building as your needs grow and change.


• Quick Assembly & Installation

Like to get your building put up sooner? If you don’t have time to wait for a typical stick-built structure, then a metal building is the way to go. A precision-engineered steel structure requires less time, labor, and energy resources to construct. Most metal buildings – including commercial buildings – can be installed in just a matter of hours or days once the building components arrive on site!


• Easy Maintenance

A steel is easy to clean, and needs less maintenance than comparable stick builds or structures made with other materials. You won’t have to worry with the same peeling paint or color fading issues, either.


• Cost-Effective Construction

It’s actually more cost-effective to build with steel than it is with wood, especially for a larger-scale application like a commercial greenhouse. Steel structures can easily be installed on nearly any level site.

Choose Metal Garage Central for Your Best California Metal Building Solution!

If you’re part of the floriculture industry in California, produce other commercial crops, or just want to grow some crops for yourself, a reliable metal building can help. And the BEST source of custom steel structures in California is none other than Metal Garage Central! Take advantage of our simple-to-use 3D Building Design Tool (accessible from any computer or mobile device) and start designing your own perfect steel structure right now! Choose your preferred building dimensions, building design, paneling options, trim, colors, and more.

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