Why a Clear Span Metal Building Is Perfect for Your Retail Business

Retail Is Here to Stay

“Retail” is a pretty broad term, but it’s generally understood to refer to the business and process of selling finished products and services. Retail includes everything from clothes, to jewelry, to groceries, to pharmacy goods, to home goods, appliances, electronics, hardware, software, toys, vehicles, and much more. And when it comes to retail, there aren’t many larger markets – or retail markets with more potential – than right here in the U.S. of A.

How big is American retail? Most of the largest retail companies are located here, and the American population continues to sink a significant amount of money into retail spending. In 2021, U.S. retail sales amounted to nearly $6.6 trillion dollars. And now that COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, retail growth is again on the rise, and that’s only expected to continue. So, if you’re thinking about opening or expanding your own retail business, now is really a perfect time. But if you’re really going to bring your products or services to market, you’ll need to choose the right building solution for housing your business.

Location Is Key

You certainly don’t have to be Amazon in order to find success as an online retailer, as long as you have a good website and a good digital marketing strategy. Even so, you’ll still have your work cut out if you want to carve your own niche online. But many smaller retailers have found success in connecting with the local market around them by setting up shop in a physical location. Online shopping is certainly convenient, but there’s still something about shopping and experiencing products and people live and in-person that really can’t be duplicated. And if you’re a small retailer that can offer both in-person and online shopping experiences, then that could really give you a leg up on the competition.

No matter which approach or approaches to selling you plan to take, you’re still going to need a home for your business. And when it comes to establishing your retail business in the right physical location, choosing the right sort of building to meet your needs is of paramount importance. Commercial metal buildings or clear span buildings offer a great structural design and delivery method which is ideally suited to meet whatever small business needs you may have, including everything from production, to storage, to merchandising to sales. How is a clear span metal building better? Not only is it rugged and reliable, but it’s also customizable, adaptable, and more cost-effective than you may realize!

Clear span buildings

What Are Some Common Applications of Large Metal Buildings for Small Businesses?

Wondering if a metal building can really be a good solution for your retail business? In a word, absolutely!

Here are just a few types of retail and service businesses that are leveraging the features and benefits of owning a custom metal building:

  • Antique shops & collectors
  • Auto service centers, oil change & tire shops, and paint & collision centers
  • Bakeries & donut shops
  • Banks and money lenders
  • Bistros
  • Bookstores
  • Boutiques
  • Breweries & taprooms
  • Clothing retailers
  • Coffee & pastry shops
  • Consignment stores
  • Delicatessens & sandwich shops
  • Dry cleaners
  • Farmers’ markets & grocery sellers
  • Fast food joints & quick service restaurants
  • Fitness centers & gyms
  • Hair salons & barber shops
  • Jewelers
  • Mattress stores
  • Manicurists, pedicurists, & nail salons
  • Mobile phone sales & repair services
  • Mom-and-pop stores
  • Old-school arcades & video games
  • Outlet stores
  • Pawn shops
  • Pet supplies
  • Shoe & footwear retailers
  • Souvenirs & gift shops
  • Specialty items
  • Wine tasting rooms

Why a Clear Span Steel Building Makes Sense for Your Retail Enterprise

Light-gauge steel buildings are known for their toughness, but they’re also more flexible and adaptable than typical stick builds, too. Here are just a few advantages that go along with choosing a clear span steel building:

Clear Span Building Cost

Why settle for renting from a landlord when you can build equity by having a commercial metal building installed right on your own property? Plus, here’s something that not everyone realizes – a steel building can be significantly cheaper to build per square foot, too.

Rugged, Dependable, Low-Maintenance Building Solution

Steel buildings won’t rot like wood, and they’re built to withstand both weather threats and constant usage. Steel isn’t susceptible to termites or pests either, and it also plays a poor host for mold and mildew. Steel is also easy to clean and needs less maintenance than a stick build. And since the colors are infused into the metal paneling during fabrication, you won’t have the same paint peeling or color fading issues.

Cheaper to Insure

Thanks to steel’s strength, durability, and natural non-combustible nature, your property insurance costs will probably be lower by opting for a commercial steel building.

Completely Customizable

The versatility of steel allows for complex architectural designs and more flexibility in terms of building applications. Without any need for interior columns or supports, a clear-span metal building provides more usable interior space to meet your needs. And it’s relatively easy to expand or adapt a metal building as your needs grow or change over time.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Worried that a commercial metal building might end up looking like a boring, boxy structure? It certainly doesn’t have to! Not only can you customize the interior of your facility, but you can customize the exterior as well. Modern metal buildings can be constructed in a variety of popular designs and layouts, and you can customize the look of your roof, walls, doors, windows, and more. With a clear span building, you really can create the look you like!

Metal Garage Central Provides Perfect Metal Building Solutions

Metal Garage Central understands that launching a new retail business or expanding your existing business isn’t easy. We’re here to make things as simple and painless as possible whenever it comes to getting the building solution you need!

What kind of custom metal building do you need? We can provide it! Our structures don’t come out of any box or off of some shelf – each building we provide is custom manufactured to order! Oh, and we deliver and install at no extra charge in 46 states!

Want to create your own custom building design? Our state-of-the-art 3D Building Designer gives you the freedom to create your OWN ideal building layout. You can save your plans, email them to yourself, and even them to get your building order started. It really is that simple!

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