Protect Your Watercraft with a Custom Steel Boat Cover

Boats Are Much Older Than You Think

Did you know that boats are one of the oldest types of transportation? It’s crazy, right? They actually date back to 4000 BC when the ancient Egyptians built the first boats out of reeds. Wow! Not only have they been used for transportation, but nowadays, they are also used for fishing, defense during wars, vacations, sports, and everything in between. If this seems nearly impossible to you, keep reading to learn more about what boats can really do and how to keep them protected year-round.

Keeping Your Boat Safe and Secure Year-Round

If you’re one of those people who loves to spend their free days with friends and family out on the lake, you know just how much joy a boat can bring to someone. But if you don’t provide them with the right amount of protection, those relaxing days on the lake could be long gone. While today’s boats differ greatly from those in the past due to being built with advanced materials and technology, that doesn’t make them invincible. Just as your other prized possessions, they need the best possible protection they can get, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

No one likes to waste their money, especially if you know spending it can be avoided. But if you leave your boat left exposed to Mother Nature, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of your hard-earned money trying to repair damages made during the changing seasons. From deep sunspots and fading paint, to interior damage and cracking plastic, the possible damages could lead to an extensive number of repairs and wasted money. If you want to avoid these issues and wasting your money, take a look at some of the key benefits you’ll experience by investing in on of our metal boat covers.

  • Protection from Harsh Weather Elements – From fading paint to hailstone damage, there are a number of ways Mother Nature can harm your investment. But with a steel boat carport from Metal Garage Central, you can rest assured knowing your property will be protected at all times.
  • Keeps Pests Away – We use the finest steel components offered in the metal building industry to construct our boat carports and other steel buildings. During the manufacturing process, each steel piece is dipped in a hot zinc coating to add more protection to the overall structure. Due to this added protective layer, you won’t have to worry about any rodents or pests getting near your valuables.
  • Protect Against Theft and Vandalism – With a reliable steel boat shelter, you can finally have peace of mind knowing your watercraft will be protected against Mother Nature and burglars. If you live in an area prone to break-ins or if you’re simply worried about keeping your property sheltered year-round, you won’t have to worry any longer with one of our boat covers.
  • They’re Fully Customizable – From the foundation your structure is installed on, to its gauge of frame, to the roofing system that tops it off, you can customize every aspect of your steel unit. And with our unique 3D Building Estimator, you can watch all these customizations come to life on your computer screen!
  • Increase Your Property Value – Not only will you get the most bang for your buck by investing in one of our custom steel structures, but you’ll also increase the overall value of your property. If you plan to move and sell or rent your home, this will definitely make a difference!

It’s Always Best to Be Prepared for the Unexpected!

… so, let us help you prepare for the unexpected by purchasing one of our custom steel boat carports at Metal Garage Central. We know there are plenty of storage centers available for you to rent a space out of, but these units can become quite costly over time. And the worst part? They’re only temporary! So, why not go ahead and invest in a permanent, year-round solution? Give us a call today at +1 980-321-9898 to find the perfect solution for your watercraft!