Popular Metal Garage Sizes for Arkansas

Welcome to Arkansas!

If you’re a resident of The Natural State, then you already know that Arkansas is its own special kind of place. Nestled in the heart of the central South, Arkansas includes distinctive natural features ranging from diamond mines, to the Ozark Plateau, to the Ouachita Mountains, to the Arkansas River and Mississippi River valleys. Arkansas offers four distinct, yet temperate seasons, and many like to visit and play in Arkansas. But no matter where you’re located in AR, there’s one thing all Arkansans (or Arkies, or Arkansawyers, depending upon your preference) need – reliable shelter.


You Know You Need a Garage

Of course you need shelter for you and your family to live in, that goes without saying. But your vehicles, outdoor equipment, and hobbies need their own sheltered space, too. Maybe you need a protected place for parking your vehicles and keeping them out of the sun, rain, snow, and wind. Or maybe you’d like to install a new metal building for extra storage, hosting gatherings, entertaining, or pursuing a personal hobby.

Regardless of how you want to use a prefab metal garage, one of the first things you need to decide is what size of Arkansas metal garage you need. Choosing the perfect size dimensions for your garage is really one of the most important aspects of the whole metal building design process!

Thankfully, Metal Garage Central is here to can help make that decision-making process easier for you. We’ll take the time to listen to your wants and needs, and can provide sage advice about which building design, dimensions, and customizations will work best for your own personal steel garage.


How to Choose the Right Garage Size?

Landing upon the ideal garage size for what you intend to cover will ensure maximum protection for your vehicles and other valuable possessions. So, how do you know if you’re choosing the right garage dimensions? Is there a “standard” size of metal garage? These are great questions, and we’re happy to enlighten you on the subject!


At Metal Garage Central, our most popular garages tend to fall into one of four basic size categories:

  • Standard single vehicle garage (12′W garages – one-car garage, single-car garage)
  • Two-vehicle garage (18′W to 24′W garages – two-car garage, double garage, doublewide garage)
  • Three-vehicle garage (26′W to 30′W garages – three-car garage, triple garage, triplewide garage)
  • RV cover (12′W to 60′W RV garages – motorhome garage, boat garage)
  • Commercial garage (generally, any garage larger than 30’W – oversized garage)


Things to Consider When Planning Your Perfect Garage Size in Arkansas

Once you narrow it down to a particular garage size category, it’s time to figure out which exact building dimensions will best suit your needs. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind:


• Which types of vehicles?

The type of vehicle or vehicles you own will play a big role in determining the dimensions of the metal garage you need. A one-car garage is built to accommodate a regular passenger car or small truck. Even so, you can always go a little wider if you’d like to have some extra breathing room in which to maneuver. In addition, heavy-duty trucks, RVs, motorhomes, boats, and trailers all have their own unique size dimensions to consider.


• The number of vehicles to be covered

How many vehicles do you need to house? The general rule of thumb is to go with a

  • Single garage for one vehicle
  • Double garage for two passenger vehicles, or three motorcycles
  • Triple garage for three vehicles
  • Side-entry garage for four or more vehicles. To that end, you have the freedom to add as many bays as you like, when you choose a metal building solution.


• Required garage top height and side (leg) height

The height of your vehicle(s) is another factor to consider when planning your garage dimensions. If you don’t build in enough height clearance to accommodate your vehicle(s), then your garage won’t do you much good! Standard garage height starts at 7’ or 8’, and this works well for most standard-sized vehicles. But high-profile vehicles (e.g. large trucks, RVs, motorhomes, or boats) call for greater height clearance. Metal Garage Central commonly provides metal structures up to 14’ in height, but we can go up to 20’ tall if that’s what you really need!


• Intended metal garage applications

How do you plan on using your steel garage? Parking personal vehicles is just one way to make use of a garage. Got some farm equipment or lawn equipment you need to protect? Need some designated space for general storage? Want to be able to use your garage as an entertaining space, outdoor workshop, or both? Or perhaps you’d like to include some open-air covered space, as well? Metal Garage Central can provide custom metal garages to meet all of these needs, and more.


• Future usage considerations

Have any plans to add more vehicles to your family fleet? If so, it really makes sense to order a larger garage now, rather than having to go back and add on later. Think long-term about your projected garage needs, and then go ahead and get the best garage to serve you both now and in the future.


Popular Metal Garage Sizes

What are the most popular garage sizes? Again, that depends upon your intended application, but here are some of the most common garage sizes we provide at Metal Garage Central:


• 24×31 Metal Garage

These are pretty ideal dimensions for a two-vehicle garage, which also allow for a little more room to maneuver when it comes to opening and shutting your car doors. This building size also works well for a one-car garage with some space set aside for personal storage.


• 30×41 Metal Garage

A 30’-wide garage can accommodate three passenger vehicles. It can also be designed as a two-car garage with space set aside for storage, workshop usage, or other applications.


• 24×46 Side-Entry Metal Garage

A side-entry metal garage design works well if your property lot is on the narrow side, or if you’re looking for a solution to park four vehicles in an economy of garage space. A 24’ x 46’ side-entry garage could also be used as a facility for starting your own tire shop or auto service center business.


• 40×61 Metal Garage Workshop

This is a commercial-sized garage building which is a great solution for commercial-sized applications. It’s perfect for sheltering both vehicles and equipment, but you can also take advantage of this garage’s space dimensions by using it as a workshop, storage unit, repair shop, office space, or even finished residential space (think barndominium!).


• 28×41 Metal Garage

A 28’W garage is classified as triple-wide, meaning you could choose to install three garage bays if you want. You could also opt to go with two garage bays, and then section off a separate space accessible by a walk-in door for your private office or personal storage needs. With a garage building like this, the only limit to the possibilities is your imagination!


Design Your Own Perfect Garage at Metal Garage Central!

If none of these building dimensions sound like a perfect fit for you, that’s OK! You can also use our exclusive 3D Building Designer to create your own perfect garage building. This powerful, web-based tool is easy to navigate, easy to use, and easily accessible by desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Save whatever design you create, and we can use that to get your building order started. With Metal Garage Central, it really can be that easy!


We’re Happy to Install for You, or You Can Do It Yourself with a Custom Metal Garage Kit

Metal Garage Central is happy to deliver and install your metal building at NO extra charge. But if you like doing things yourself, we also make custom garage kits available at a discount. Our metal building kits come with all the building materials you’ll need for installation, including fasteners and anchors. Plus, if you have any particular questions about metal building kit installation, we’d be glad to answer them for you!


The Best Metal Garages Come from Metal Garage Central

Still not sure exactly what you need in a metal garage? Let one of our friendly & knowledgeable building specialists help; that’s why we’re here! We’re happy to partner with you to help make your metal garage dreams in Arkansas a reality! Oh, and by the way – we also serve 45 other states, too! If you’re located pretty much anywhere within the continental U.S., we’ve got you covered!

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