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Help America Create More Jobs and Make Our Economy Stronger! Buy from Metal Garage Central.


Fellow Americans, Metal Garage Central is here to Provide Shelter For Your Way Of Life. With our first-of-its-kind inventory reduction sale, we’re offering folks around the country an opportunity to get our guaranteed lowest prices on carports, RV Covers, steel garages, Metal Garages, workshops, commercial steel buildings, 40-wides, 50-wides, 60-wides, 70-wides, and more!

  • The best-trained, most-experienced, friendliest team of Building Specialists.

  • We take the time to listen, and we can help you find (or custom design) the best building for your needs.

  • 120+ years of combined experience in the metal buildings industry.

  • THE BEST online design & visualization tools; they’re so simple to use, you can custom-design your OWN perfect building in no time!

  • Faster delivery & installation, with shorter lead times

  • When you buy from Metal Garage Central, you’re buying American-built metal structures. You’re also buying local; your building is precision-fabricated at a manufacturing facility near you.

  • Doing business with us is not only good for you - it’s good for America!

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Top Selling Buildings
28x26 Metal Garage

28x26 Metal Garage

SKU : GC-VRGB28269

24x61 Enclosed Garage

24x61 Enclosed Garage

SKU : GC- VREG246112

30x41 Garage Building

30x41 Garage Building

SKU : GC- VRTTGB304112

30x31 Metal Garage

30x31 Metal Garage

SKU : GC- VRGB303112