Do Commercial Metal Buildings Increase Property Value?

There’s No Better Building Material Than Steel

If you need to add some building space to your property, there’s no better building material than steel. Metal has been used in construction for decades, ranging from simple storage sheds, to carports and garages, to barns, to commercial metal buildings for various applications. Custom metal buildings are now increasingly being used to create custom residential homes and barndominiums, as well. Metal building homes have been shown to be stronger than traditional stick builds, are fully customizable, require less maintenance, and can also be significantly less expensive to build per square foot.

What Makes Light-Gauge Steel Buildings Better?

Steel tube-framed construction demonstrates several advantages over other approaches to construction. Galvanized steel sheets can be cold-formed into all sorts of essential building components, including framing, headers & trusses, roof panels, wall panels, trim pieces, and more. This lightweight, construction-grade steel possesses a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other commercially available building material. It’s strong and dimensionally stable, while still being flexible. And with a light-gauge steel approach, less material is actually required for construction.

Since prefabricated steel components are premeasured, precut, and pre-welded, they’re much easier to work with on the construction site. One key advantage to this approach is that it takes less time and less labor to construct even large metal buildings. There’s very little construction site waste produced with steel buildings too, which means there’s less trash to end up in a landfill. With cutting-edge engineering approaches, Metal Garage Central can provide custom metal building kits that are designed and manufactured to match your exact specifications, needs, and preferences.

How Can Commercial Metal Buildings Add Value to My Property?

That’s a great question! There are many key benefits that come with choosing to have a commercial metal building installed on your residential, agricultural, or business property. Here are just a few:

What are some benefits of adding a metal building to your property?

Need protected space for parking your personal vehicles or commercial vehicles? There’s a metal carport or metal garage solution for that. Need a place for overflow storage for your home or business? A metal building can handle that perfectly. Commercial metal buildings also make great office buildings, retail storefronts, workshops, warehouses, production centers, farm buildings, and much more.

How can a metal building add to my property value?

Some of that will necessarily depend on the size, design, and customizations included in your metal building. Either way, a metal structure can definitely boost your overall property value. For example, a study conducted by Florida State University revealed that the presence of a garage typically increases the value of a home property by an average of 13% in comparison with homes that don’t include a garage.

How long does metal building installation take?

In a word, it takes much less time than it takes to construct a comparable pole barn or wood-framed building! Stick builds often take many weeks or even months to construct, but most steel buildings can be put up in just a day or two. If you need your building solution to be installed ASAP, then a steel structure is honestly the fastest way to go.

What metal building applications are currently available?

If it’s a building solution you need, there’s almost certainly a metal building application for that. Metal carports and metal garages are some of the most popular, but these only scratch the surface in terms of what you can do with metal buildings. There are also metal barns, agricultural metal buildings, combination utility buildings, barndominiums, metal building homes, large commercial metal buildings, industrial buildings, and more. If it’s a building you can conceive, Metal Garage Central can make it happen.

Which metal building is best for me?

That really depends on you. Metal Garage Central provides custom metal buildings, so they can be designed, manufactured, and installed to meet whatever specifications you require. Whether you need vehicle housing space, general storage space, workshop space, warehouse space, residential living space, office space, or something else, we’ve got a custom metal building solution for that.

What does a custom metal building cost?

That will ultimately come down to the size and design of your building, the gauges of steel framing and paneling you choose, and whichever building customizations you choose to include. Either way, a custom steel structure from Metal Garage Central is still your most cost-effective option. In addition, a metal building is longer-lasting, and requires much less maintenance over time.

What about metal building financing options?

We can help you there, too. We offer both traditional financing and rent-to-own financing options, depending upon the final purchase price of your building. We partner with several preferred lenders to help make sure you’re able to afford the custom metal building solution you really need, regardless of how you intend to use it.

Looking to Add Some Value to Your Property? Metal Garage Central Is Here to Help!

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No matter how big of a building you may need, we’re happy to deliver and install your custom-designed metal structure at NO extra cost in 46 states. Interested in a custom metal building kit you can pick up and install yourself for a discount? We make those available, too.

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